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There are two of my garden series that are painted pre-planting, in their greenish-black containers. I always rush to get these painted before having to put them in pots. I always intend to do more of these, but never quite have the time between purchasing the plants and getting them in pots!


Nasturtiums are a free-flowing plant giving off wonderful orange, yellow, and red blooms that are edible! I love to put them in pots alongside other plants for an added splash of color.Nasturtiums are a regular in my summer pots. It is an annual with flowers that are funnel-shaped, five-petaled, bright colored, showy and fragrant. The flowers are edible, they need little care and are always there to please you with their charming appearance! The genus name comes from the Latin word “tropaeum”, which means “trophy” or “monument”. The common name “Nasturtium” is derived from the Latin meaning “nose-twister” or “nose-tweaker”, in reference to the smell of these plants. Nasturtium is a symbol of victory and success.

Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum)

  • Paintings ship anywhere in the US.  I use USPS Priority Mail or UPS Express shipping. 6"x 6" and 8"x 8"  framed paintings are packaged in a heavy duty white clam shell box and are wrapped in a clear plastic bag with tissue paper and ribbon.

    PLEASE NOTE: There is a $15 fee for items shipped outside of the US.

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