Lisianthus was a new species of flower in my garden this year. It was one of a small series of plants that I bought as a bloom share from The Farm at Oxford. And after seeing it flower in late July/August, I was in LOVE! It is a delicate bloom with hints of pink and yellow. It is used quite often in bridal bouquets. The genus name (Eustoma) comes from the Greek words “eu”, meaning beautiful, and “stoma”, which means mouth, referring to its coloring and shape.

Common name “Lisianthus” is derived from the Greek words “lysis” (“dissolution”) and “anthos” (“flower”). 

The flower means happiness, joy and positive energy.



  • varnished oil painting on linen canvas board
  • 6"x 6" unframed
  • 6.25"x 6.25" framed in a black floater framed ready to hang 
  • signed by the artist with a special 25 Days of Minis 2020 collection sticker on the back
  • makes a great grouping with other small paintings!

Lisianthus Blooms (Eustoma)

  • Paintings ship anywhere in the US.  I use USPS Priority Mail or UPS Express shipping. 6"x 6" and 8"x 8"  framed paintings are packaged in a heavy duty white clam shell box and are wrapped in a clear plastic bag with tissue paper and ribbon.

    PLEASE NOTE: There is a $15 fee for items shipped outside of the US.